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It a really great mud where arrows really fly, and so do dragons... that is if you can figure out the secret to becoming one!
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Original Artwork. Always looking for something better! Talk to me - If you submit a design I choose to use - You get the first shirt.
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Lost souls wandering aimlessly number to date.

My Alternate Personalities or...


Ishtar - Once had dreams of questing to be a dragon. A mage dragon is very powerful indeed. Those dreams are gone now, for I have fallen in love with being a faerie. Sure, I have little strength, but I am quick and I love flying around Merentha.

Suzy - Once a nymph, always a nymph! Nymph fighters rock! We are also pretty darn cute, and talkative. Nothing makes a nymph happier then to dance in the drops of rain as they fall from the leaves of her forest home :)

Jewel - The goddess of Life in Merentha. Not to be confused with the singer. I can however make you want to pay me to stop. Jewel is not only an immortal, it is an entire realm in Merentha.

Solitaire oh no! Shes been frozen forever in the ice! Damn those evil ex-hubbies! Can you save her???

Susie! Oh goodness! She has two heads! Four eyes! Two mouths, 4 ears, two necks, and two tongues! Hmmmmm.... two tongues! WOOHOO - the better to lick you with my dear!